Taos Heiress Marries Mountain Man

The marriage record for Lucien B. Maxwell and Maria de la Luz Beaubien

On March 27, 1842, 12 year old María de la Luz Beaubien of Taos, New Mexico, married the mountain man and  merchant Lucien B. Maxwell. Maxwell was 23 years old and had been in Nuevo Mexico six or seven years. María de la Luz, commonly called “Luz,” was the oldest daughter of French Canadian-born Carlos Beaubien and María Paula (Paulita) Lobato. She would be 13 years old in June 1842. A beautiful girl, she had dark hair and hazel eyes. The year before Luz’ marriage, the Mexican government had granted her father and Nuevo Mexico’s Provincial Secretary Guadalupe Miranda joint ownership of the vast swath of land that would become the Maxwell Land Grant after Carlos Beaubien’s death in 1862. Witnesses to the Maxwell/Beaubien alliance included future New Mexico Territorial Governor Charles Bent and Maria Ignacia Jaramillo, Kit Carson’s future sister-in-law. Padre José Antonio Martinez officiated.

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