Book Review Information

Beginning April 2019, I will be posting book reviews along with my fiction and historical pieces. The goal is to post one or two reviews a month. The books reviewed will be historical fiction set in New Mexico prior to Statehood, with at least 50% of the story set in New Mexico, and historical nonfiction about New Mexico prior to Statehood.

If you have written a book you’d like to submit for review, please use the site contact page to get in touch with me. Send me a brief description of the book and a link where I can see a blurb and an extract.

If I decide the book looks promising, I’ll ask you for a copy.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll review every book I’m sent.

I will only review books that I can recommend to my readers. If I can’t recommend give your book a positive review, I won’t post a review it. But I will send you an email explaining why I can’t recommend it.

If I do review your book, I will also post it to Amazon, Goodreads, and my Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you!