Brotherly Love, 2 of 5: The Errand

When Peter entered the small log cabin he shared with his brother in Elizabethtown, Herman was washing dishes. “I got a message,” Herman said abruptly. “Gertrude, she is in Denver.”

“That’s good!” Peter said heartily.

Herman shook his head anxiously. “I am not ready,” he said. “The house, it is not finished, and this cabin is not fit for a woman.”

Peter shrugged. “She will make it right, the way she wants it.”

Herman shook his head. “It should be right for her,” he insisted. “I am not ready.”

Peter turned away.

“Will you go for her while I make it ready?” Herman asked.

Peter paused, staring at the wall of roughly caulked logs. “I suppose that would be possible,” he said slowly. He turned to face his brother. “I can start in two days.”

Herman smiled in relief. “Thank you!” he said gratefully. “I thank you!”

Peter nodded unhappily.

Copyright © 2015 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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