Brotherly Love, 1 of 5: The Proposal

Herman bent carefully over the precious paper. “Dear Gertrude,” he wrote in German. “Pete and me are in Elizabethtown, New Mexico Territory. We are cutting timbers for the miners and making good money. I have enough for land and a house. The grass is good and summers are pleasant. I am sending the money for your passage. Please come soon.”

The young woman in the tiny Austrian village who received this letter considered it thoughtfully. She wasn’t sure she loved this man. His brother was more pleasant to talk to. But marrying him meant she could leave poverty behind.

Gertrude began her preparations, then wrote her own letter. “Dear Herman,” it said. “I begin my journey in twelve days. My uncle says to go to Denver, then send for you to collect me. I will write again when I arrive.”

Herman’s heart sang with joy when he read these words.

Copyright © 2015 Loretta Miles Tollefson

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