The Pollock Family, 1 of 14: Outvoted

Sarah had only been sixteen when she married Thomas Pollock and she hadn’t been sorry, but there were times when she wondered if they were both crazy. He sat across from her now at the rough-hewn wooden table in their Colorado miner’s cabin and jiggled two-year-old Charlie on his knee. “What do you think?” he asked the child. “Shall we find our fortune in New Mexico Territory?”

Sarah shook her head and lifted baby Josephine to her shoulder to burp. Six-year-old Jessie appeared at her elbow, slate in hand. Sarah glanced at it. “‘Territory’ is spelled wrong,” she said. Jessie flashed her a smile and retreated. Sarah grinned. “I think I’ve just been outvoted,” she told Thomas. “When do you want to leave?”

Thomas stood up and tossed Charlie into the air. The little boy squealed in delight.

“Gonna be rich!” Thomas exulted.

“Going to be together, anyway,” Sarah said.

Copyright © 2015 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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