Season of Mists Announcement

While G. Lowell TollefsSeason of Mists Coveron is currently on sabbatical from BQE Stories in order to focus his energies on researching and writing a philosophical work, he’s managed to find the time to complete a work that he began many years ago, a short novel titled Season of Mists. This book gives an unexpected twist to the usual war story: it’s written by a U.S. Marine from his enemy’s perspective. Season of Mists looks at the Vietnam conflict from the viewpoint of a Vietnamese peasant who joins the Viet Cong. However, while sympathetic to its protagonist’s ideals, this novel does not flinch from showing the brutality and complexities of this and every military conflict.

G. Lowell Tollefson spent his youth in Southeast Asia and East Asia, an experience that informs his depiction of the region and its people, and returned to the region as a Marine during the Vietnam conflict.  Season of Mists complements his work in Vietnam War Elegy (poetry) and What is War? (essays). Together these books provide the record of one man’s attempt to come to terms with war in general by grappling with the issues raised by his particular service. All three books are available at and


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