Pelican Wonder

Gracie stomped irritably toward Eagle Nest Lake, away from the campground and motor home. Her little brother Ben followed at a safe distance.

Gracie dropped onto the lake bank and stared out at the water. Ben dropped down beside her. There was a long pause, then he said, “What’s that?”

A flock of large white birds with black-banded wings rose from the water on the lake’s northern end. They flapped ponderously, then their wide wings caught the air and they were up. They milled in the air, then fell into a line and began climbing in broad circles, soaring on the updraft, moving ever higher.

“Pelicans,” Gracie said wonderingly.

They watched for a long while as the birds soared up and up, then began moving toward the southern end of the lake.

“Wowee!” Ben said. “How many were there?”

“I don’t know,” Gracie said. “I was too busy watching.”

Copyright © 2015 Loretta Miles Tollefson

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