Etown Experience, 2 of 6

“After the Great Rebellion, I just wanted to leave Virginia,” Mary confided. She prowled restlessly around the room, touching the ornaments on the shelves and mantelpiece. “Henri was so traveled and so French. It was a pleasure to talk with a man who knew something of life besides battle and war.” She turned to her friend. “We went to Denver first. It was rough, but it did have some culture.” She raised both hands, palms up, then dropped them helplessly. “But there was little opportunity for another hotel and restaurant. When Henri heard about Elizabethtown, he was eager to come here.”

“But you don’t like it,” Eliza said.

Mary frowned. “It doesn’t agree with me,” she said. “I cannot adjust to these altitudes and the chill. I long for warm southern nights.”

Eliza chuckled. “Yes, I had noticed that the nights here are somewhat cooler than those of our childhood.”

Copyright © 2015 Loretta Miles Tollefson

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