Eagle Nest Lake Vacation – 15 of 15

“Well, this is goodby then,” Daniel said.

Katie nodded, looking out at Eagle Nest Lake. They were standing near the old Model T, waiting for her parents. Her father was talking to the lodge owner while her mother chatted with the desk clerk.

“I’ve really enjoyed our time together,” Daniel said, taking her hand.

She looked up at him. So tall and good-looking. So serious. In spite of herself, she said, “So have I.”

“Will you be back next summer?”

She grimaced. “Maybe sooner.”

“Really?” His fingers tightened on hers.

“My Dad wants to work here.”

“Do you think he will?”

Her parents appeared in the doorway. They were both beaming.

“Looks like it,” Katie said.

And then Daniel’s arms were around her and he was kissing her, hard, on the lips. He released her and she looked up at him, half-laughing.

“I’m so glad that you’re coming back,” he said.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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