Eagle Nest Lake Vacation – 14 of 15

“You’ll be leaving us soon enough,” Katie’s mother said. They were walking along the lakeshore north of Eagle Nest Lodge.

Katie tossed a stone in the water. “I want to finish high school where I started.”

“We wanted that, too. But it looks like your father’s job won’t last that long.”

“He could get something else.”

“Not there. He’s been looking.”

Katie tossed another stone. Her parents wanted to move here, of all places. Where there was nothing but lake and mountains and trees. Only a handful of people.

“You can stay here this winter and study at home, or board in Taos and attend high school there.”

She nodded reluctantly. Daniel would be in Taos. At least she would know one person there.

“I know you don’t like change,” her mother said. She reached to hug her, but Katie moved away.

“It’s not fair,” she insisted.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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