Eagle Nest Lake Vacation – 5 of 15

How many hours can you look at a lake? Katie wondered, staring at the rippled surface, a movie star magazine in her lap. They’d been here three days. Some vacation. Her father worked most of every day. Her mother seemed content to lay in the sun or curl up next to Eagle Nest Lodge’s stone fireplace and read. She wasn’t even taking photographs. Apparently the lodge had a wonderful book selection.

Katie yawned. She picked up the magazine and put it down again. She’d already read it three times. She’d be glad to get back to Oklahoma City, she thought irritably, closing her eyes. Her father and his vacation ideas.

“Would you like to go fishing?” a male voice asked. She opened her eyes. The boy was standing at her feet, blocking the sun. It was the tall, dark haired one. She smiled. This was more like it.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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