Eagle Nest Lake Vacation – 4 of 15

While her parents signed in at Eagle Nest Lodge’s front desk, Katie examined her surroundings.

It was barbaric, with thin woven rugs on the floor and a fireplace of uncut stones jutting into the room, creating a kind of wall. She moved around it. There were three sides, each opening to the central fire. One faced another room with more chairs and Navajo rugs. The other faced a circular bar. A man was polishing glasses. He winked at her. She looked away and pulled back, into the Lounge.

She perched on a leather chair and looked around. There seemed to be carved and painted Native American objects on every surface. Some had feathers attached. An antelope head stared from the wall. The single light bulb overhead was encased in a frame of black metal bars. Everything looked homemade, she thought disdainfully.

“Isn’t it great?” her mother asked, coming toward her.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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