Eagle Nest Lake Vacation – 2 of 15

The second-hand Model T was parked beside the road at the top of a steep hill. From the backseat Katie could see a long green valley, a wide blue lake, and trees on the mountainsides. She could see no buildings. Was this going to be a camping vacation? she wondered suspiciously. It would be like her father to drag them into the wilderness without tent or cooking equipment.

Her mother was in the middle of the road, taking pictures. Wasting film, Katie thought sourly.

Her parents bounced back to the car.

“Oh Phil, it’s so beautiful!” her mother said.

“Wait’ll you see the rest of it,” he answered.

A few minutes later they were headed downhill, Eagle Nest Lake spreading out before them. There were fishermen along the shore and boats scattered across the water.

“Do you think we could sail?” Katie asked, in spite of herself.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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