Eagle Nest Lake Vacation – 1 of 15

The gravel road jolted the second-hand Model T relentlessly as it crawled up Cimarron Canyon. Katie tried to sleep. They’d been traveling for three days and she just wanted to get there. Wherever “there” was. Her father wanted to surprise them. She didn’t understand why her mother put up with it. Personally, she liked to know where she was heading before she left home.

But her mother sat bolt upright in the front seat, admiring everything. The cliffs were so rugged, the trees so tall, the sky so blue. Katie tried not to listen.

“We’re almost there,” her father said. “This next hill is steep. We’ll need a good head start.” He revved the engine, picking up speed.

The car struggled to the top and then they were looking down, into a long green valley, a blue lake, like a great jewel, just below them. Even Katie was impressed.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson

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