A Western Story, 7 0f 10: Fugitive Return

It was five years before Dan returned to the town where they wanted to hang him. Vicki came with him, her heart full. They had a child, but they had left her behind with Vicki’s sister near Saint Louis.

The new sheriff was a hard character and would as soon shoot a man as try him for murder. Dan did not turn himself in. He and Vicki went to the only hotel and checked in.

The sheriff knew Dan was wanted and got wind of his return. But he did not know he was in the hotel or that Vicki was with him. Vicki went to the bank.

“Well, I’ll be!” the teller said. “If it ain’t Miss Vicki.” He was being sarcastically polite. “Where’s that fella Dan you run off with?”

“None of your business. Just cash this.”

The teller looked at her suspiciously. “Got him hidden somewhere?”

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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