Family Mystery 12: Sibling Romance

“Anyone you’re interested in meeting?” Karen asked her brother Daniel. He’d escorted her to her annual business dinner on the condition that she introduce him to interesting women.

“Yes, but it looks like she’s taken by the guy you’re interested in.” He nodded toward the table for six opposite theirs. “Just our luck.”

“You mean the woman sitting with Stanley?”

“His date, yes. They look very happy together,” Daniel said sadly.

Karen laughed. “Yes, they are very happy together. They just found each other.”

“They just met? Was it a whirlwind romance?”

“Well, it was pretty whirlwind, but it wasn’t romantic. Let me introduce you.”

Daniel followed her reluctantly to the other table.

“Stanley, I’d like to introduce my brother Daniel,” Karen said, sitting down in a vacant chair and leaning toward him. She smiled at Stanley’s date. “And I wanted to introduce myself to your sister.”

Behind her, she heard Daniel chuckle.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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