A Western Story, 4 of 10: What to Do

Sheriff Trudge was in the saloon below. Dan could hear his booming voice.

“Dan, I know you’re up there. The barkeep told me you went up with Vicki. You came back to turn yourself in, didn’t you? Well, I’m here. Come on down.”

Up in Vicki’s room, Vicki said. “Don’t you do it. You won’t get a fair trial.”

“I can’t keep running,” Dan said. He paused. “Unless you come with me.”

“Where would we go?”

The sheriff was calling out again for Dan to come downstairs.

Vicki thought quickly. “I have family in Missouri. We could go there and figure out what to do.”

“That’s a long way from the New Mexico territory.”

“The sheriff doesn’t have a posse yet.”

“It’ll be a hard ride.”

Vicki went out on the landing and told Sheriff Trudge that Dan wasn’t guilty and he wasn’t coming down.

The sheriff left the saloon.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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