Family Mystery 11: Siblinghood

“I’m glad we did this,” he said.

She grinned at him. “It’s kind of weird, but in a nice way. Not stressful like a date.”

Two newly-discovered half-siblings, they had met for lunch and now found themselves walking afterward in a nearby park.

Stanley chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve had a few stressful dates in my time,” he said drily. “Along with two divorces and three non-married breakups.”

“Ouch,” Kari said. “And I thought my having four non-married breakups was bad.”

“No kids?”

She grinned and shook her head. “Sorry, no nephews or nieces for you.”

“That’s okay. This is a big enough adjustment,” he said. “I’ve never tried siblinghood before.” He glanced at her. “I hope we can be friends.”

“I’d like that,” she said. “It’d be refreshing to have a man as a friend.”

“Just a friend?”

“I didn’t say ‘just,’” she protested.

They looked at each other and laughed companionably.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson

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