Family Mystery 8: Impulse

When Stanley found his hands hovering over the piece of paper with his half-sister’s phone number on it, he was surprised at himself. He prided himself on never acting impulsively. Careful thought before action was a protective mechanism he’d discovered as a child and it had stood him in good stead.

But it had been a long week at work. As they hired more young people, he felt more and more isolated. And two of his bowling buddies had died in the last nine months.

He stared at the piece of paper laying in the drawer where he’d tucked it two and a half years before. “Why now?” he asked himself. “What kind of coward am I? Can’t face loneliness? I have nothing in common with this woman and her sister but a parent I never knew.”

But he pulled out the paper and reached for his phone anyway.

Copyright © 2014 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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