The Birdman, 4 of 4: A Good Day After All

In the afternoon, the birdman reached the American housing area of Balabago. Since it was closest to Clark Air Force Base and he worked the neighborhoods inward, it was his final run of the day. He would begin again the following day and continue through the week, until he sold all his stock. Then he would go home to Manila. Sales on the morning of this first day had not been good.

Walking the streets of Balabago, the birdman met a twelve year old boy. The boy ran out of his yard as the birdman approached. His eyes were large with anticipation. “I have pesos,” he shouted, running up to the birdman. “I’ll take three of those and four parrots.” The birdman smiled. He wondered if the boy’s mother knew what he was doing. But it was not his concern. He put the birds in one cage and sold them.

Copyright 2014 George Lowell Tollefson


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