Family Mystery 2: Family Mystery

“When your mother was young, unmarried pregnant women didn’t keep their babies,” their father said. “And they didn’t tell anyone. We were married almost seven years before she told me.”

Dani and Kari looked at each other, then at him.

“And now she’s passed away, so we can’t ask her about it,” Kari said.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Dani demanded.

“It was her story, not mine.” He shrugged. “She didn’t tell even me much. Just that it happened.”

“Too ashamed,” Kari said.

“A brother,” Dani said. “I wonder how we could find him.”

“I wonder what else is in the box that I found those photographs in,” Kari said.

“He may not want to be found,” their father warned. “And this was all long before I met your mother, so I don’t know anything about it.”
“I still think we should try,” Dani said.

Loretta Miles Tollefson © 2014


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