Life Lessons

He had plowed the field in the morning. In the afternoon he came back and disked it. Now in the evening twilight he stood at the edge of the field and looked out over it with satisfaction. While it had been light, some crows had landed among the clods of earth and busied themselves picking out insects. Only two remained. It felt good to know he would sow corn in the morning. The rains had been adequate and promised a full harvest. He turned and walked toward the barn.

Inside the barn he saw that his son had put the milk cow into her stall, but he had left the gate open. “Michael!” he called.

There was no response from the house. Michael was so indifferent about his chores.

The farmer closed the stall and went into the house. Upon entering, he said, “Michael, the cow’s out of the barn.”

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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