In the Forest

A mountain lion watched a young doe from a rocky outcrop near a forest glade. It was cool in the glade, which was not far from an open meadow where several other deer were. There was a newly fallen tree between the doe and the lion. The lion crept closer, looking down from above.

The doe sensed that this was not a safe place, but she was attracted by the browse which had been brought within reach. She was eating peacefully.

The lion sprang. Though it had to clear the log, the kill was quick.

A raven entered the forest and was very much interested. It watched from a lower tree limb, cawing for reinforcements. None came.

Its hunger sated, the lion pulled some brush over the carcass and withdrew to rest near the foot of the rocky outcrop. From this secluded position, it watched the raven inspect the kill.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson

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