Spring Garden

Ron looked ruefully at the hoe in his hands. His Dad had offered to loan them the rototiller, but Ron and Pete had wanted to take a “greener” approach. Ron could feel the blisters forming under his work gloves. He’d only dug about a third of the garden, and the day was half over. So much for the whole thing taking a couple of hours.

Pete came out of the house, pulling on his own work gloves. “Want some help?” he asked.

Ron nodded. “I’m beginning to have my doubts about this back to the land concept,” he said.

Pete took the hoe. He took four strokes and stopped, looking at the ground doubtfully. “You can certainly tell that this has never been dug before,” he said. He looked at the ten foot square area Ron had already dug. “I think maybe this is big enough for a first garden.”

Copyright ©2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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