At The Market

At the market in the plaza the women were selling poultry. A young girl among them was selling doves. At fourteen she was already considered a prospect by some of the young men.

One of them, eighteen year old Pierre, came up to her stand. “Can I get two for the price of one,” he asked winking.

“No.” the girl said smiling. She knew him to be impressed with himself, but she liked him.

“Then I won’t do business with you,” Pierre said. He turned away, looking over his shoulder with a grin.

One of the women remarked, “I didn’t bring this daughter into the world for the likes of you.”

Pierre laughed.

“She needs a man who is willing to work—to give her nice things.”

“That wouldn’t be me,” Pierre said, pulling a serious face.

The girl found the banter embarrassing. But she felt very happy inside.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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