Jesus 16

Jesus was fond of Peter’s rough manner and admired his knowledge of practical things. For Peter was an experienced fisherman and knew the harsh language of wind and wave.

One day Peter sat in a small boat with Jesus near the lakeshore. He was explaining to him the destructive habits of the lamprey, the way it would attach itself to a fish and suck out its blood. “We have even found them in the nets,” he said.

Jesus, lulled into reverie by the scent of fresh water and of wood smoke from the shore, soaked in Peter’s words. He stirred and said, “You know that evil and lies are like this fish. Evil must attach itself to good, and lies to truth. Otherwise they have no power. They draw it from what is wholesome and twist it.”

Peter thought to himself: This man could find wisdom in an empty shell.

Copyright 2014 George Lowell Tollefson


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