Gourmet Breakfast

“Cari, you need to get up.”
Cari snuggled her stuffed rabbit closer and rolled toward the wall.
“Cari,” her mother said from the door.
“I’m comforble,” Cari said.
“Aren’t you hungry? Can’t you smell the pancakes?”
Cari opened her eyes and rubbed her face against the rabbit’s orange fur. “Only pancakes?”
“It’s Saturday. Daddy’s frying sausages.”
Cari rolled over to face the door. “And syrup?”
“I think we still have some of the blueberry and cinnamon syrup that Grandma gave you.”
Cari pushed back the covers. The rabbit fell to the floor.
Her mother chuckled. “You need to get dressed and make your bed before you can eat.”
“But I’m hungry.”
“Then it shouldn’t take you long to get ready,” her mother teased. “Hurry up, little gourmand. The sausages will get cold.” She moved down the hall.
“Can we heat up the syrup?” Cari called after her.
Copyright © 2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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