The Cat and the Brain

Mark was a bright fellow and carried his brain proudly in his head, holding it in an upright position wherever he went. But for years he had been a slave to his cat, changing its box weekly. Mark was forgetful in all things but this.

One day his brain rolled out of his head onto the floor and bounced away. He couldn’t find it because he kept forgetting where to look. He would search this way and that, always kicking it out of the way without knowing it.

Finally, after hours of looking, he came upon his cat in its usual position, hunched over its food. Beside it was the brain, covered with dust. A portion of the brain had been eaten.

Mark was quite upset until he realized that the portion eaten away was the memory of his duty to change the cat box. He lived happily ever after.

Copyright 2014 George Lowell Tollefson


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