The Wood Ducklings

The wood ducklings leapt from the tree and fell through the sunlight and shadow, plunging into the forest litter below. Having recovered from the shock, they gathered among the dry leaves to begin their march to the pond in answer to their mother’s calling.

A bobcat crouched nearby in concealment, it muscles taut, its back crawling, stub tail twitching. Its claws, though sheathed, were at the ready, and its teeth were bared. One ear twitched. The cat had designs on the entire brood. An easy catch. It crept a little closer, one carefully placed paw at a time.

Suddenly a baying of dogs broke out. The ducklings crouched among the leaves. A hunter was in the woods.

The cat withdrew. The dogs fell silent. The ducklings, rising and milling about, reorganized themselves and advanced toward the pond.

It is in this way that life continues into life without our knowing.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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