Jesus 14

In the shade of a ravine where Jesus and his disciples had paused to rest, Jesus was eating alone. He had offended Judas, and Judas had withdrawn from him. So John came over and sat beside him. John said quietly, “I have tried all my life to treat others with respect and kindness, but some are abusive.”

“And they seem like many,” Jesus answered gently. John was young and impressionable.

“Yes, they do.”

Jesus put his arm on John’s shoulder. “Do you hear that bird in the thicket across the stream?” he asked.

“Yes, it sings beautifully.”

“It sings for its mate,” Jesus said, “but it will chase others away.”

“Yes.” John smiled.

“We do not see as God sees,” Jesus continued. “We do not see that we are all brothers. But a time will come when the clouds in our minds will open, and the light will pour through.”

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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