Jesus 12

One day Jesus and several of his disciples were walking through a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers. The sky was blue and Jesus seemed particularly happy. His disciples knew that he loved nature, and several of them were particularly drawn to him for this reason. This was true especially of John.

Coming near and walking quietly beside Jesus, John asked him, “Why do you tell people their sins are forgiven when you heal them? Do sins make people sick?”

Jesus smiled, for he knew John’s gentle heart.

“Yes,” he answered, “sometimes they do. But that is not why I tell them this.” He picked a flower and let a soft breeze blow through its petals. “When God made the world, he made it beautiful,” he said. “He still makes the world, but people think it is already made. That is why they are sick and mired in guilt.”

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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