When Ron woke Caitlin was in the seat with him, curled under his arm. He stroked her small curly head. She trusted him so completely and here they were, sleeping in a fifteen year old car with an empty gas tank and one bag of groceries in the back seat.

He stared out the windshield. The sky was clear, anyway. What would happen when winter came?

There was a tap on the side window. The officer was very large, eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

As Ron rolled the window down, Caitlin stirred.

“Don’t wake her,” the officer said. “You’ve been here all week.”

“I know we can’t stay here,” Ron said. “But I’m out of gas. And I can’t take her to the homeless shelter.”

“You know there’s a place that accepts families?”

Ron stared at him.


“It’s okay, sugar,” he said. “This man is going to help us.”

Copyright 2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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