Aim For It

At fifteen, Josie already had a vehicle crash on her record. She’d rolled her car the week before, trying to avoid a deer that had jumped onto the road from the woods. Thankfully, she hadn’t been hurt.

She was behind the wheel again this morning, this time in her mother’s van with her mom beside her and siblings in the back.

“It’s like falling off a horse,” her dad had said. “You’ve gotta get right back on and try again. But next time you see a deer, aim for it, don’t jerk away.”

She was tense driving through the section of woods where she’d crashed, but relaxed as they drove through the farm fields beyond.

Suddenly there was a flash of movement to her left. She hit the brakes and gripped the wheel tightly. The deer’s body thudded against the front fender. The van was still upright and in its lane.

“Aiming for it worked!” Josie exulted.

Copyright © 2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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