Jesus 7

One day James, who knew Jesus well, asked him, “What is the nature of God? Is it what we have been taught?” He asked Jesus this because his teachings seemed so strange and personal.

Jesus looked away. In a distant field several ravens could be seen bringing food to another raven, which was injured. All the birds were adults. He pointed to them. “What do you suppose they are doing?” he asked.

“Why, feeding the injured one. We all know that. We’ve been watching them.”

“Isn’t it God who is feeding them?” Jesus asked.

“Yes, in a way. He provided the ravens, and he provided the food.”

“And who feeds us?”

“We do…. Well, God does.”

“Exactly,” Jesus said.

“Exactly what?” James asked. “Do we, or does God?”

“We do,” Jesus said, “and God.”

“God tells us,” James said.

“No, we and God are the same.”

James was utterly dismayed.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson

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