The Sighting

Years later, Lori would remember this day.

She and her younger sister were in the back pasture on a chilly spring day, tightening the barbed wire on the fences. There were sticks positioned in the wire halfway between each set of fence posts. Each girl would grab an end of the stick and they would twist in unison, pulling the wire taut. They fell into a rhythm as they worked their way down the field toward the woods. As they began the section of fence bordering the trees, her sister touched Lori’s shoulder and hissed “Look! In the woods!”

Lori froze and turned her head carefully. Peering out from the underbrush was a doe and two gangly fawns.

The girls and the deer stood gazing at each other for a long moment before the doe retreated, her youngsters following. Lori and her sister looked at each other. “Wow!” they said simultaneously.

Copyright © 2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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