Jesus 6

Jesus and his disciples were camped several kilometers outside of a town in the early evening after darkness. In the firelight a young man could be seen approaching them, walking alongside a donkey. Strapped to the donkey was a fresh killed lamb. Jesus welcomed him. The man gave him the lamb and turned to leave.

“Please join us,” Jesus said. “You must have traveled some distance.”

“Yes, I heard you speak this morning.”

“Good. And what did you think?”

The disciples were preparing the lamb.

“I thought…I felt as if I were suddenly free. I wanted to travel to the temple to offer sacrifice.  But I have little money.”

“Men cannot free you,” Jesus said. They were sitting beside the fire. Several sparks flew. “Do you see how those embers break free and fly away?” he asked.


“You must do the same.”

The man looked at him with wonder.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson



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