Jesus 5

It was late afternoon, and the crowd was pressing close, for they had never heard such things. One man, a stone’s toss away, shouted, “You are a blasphemer. You assume an authority you do not have. You are only a man.”

Jesus stood for a moment gazing in the direction of the man. He had stopped talking, and the crowd was silent, wondering what he would say. He was full of compassion because he understood the man’s fear. But there was also anger in him because he knew the man was a  Pharisee. Finally he said, “You have no faith.”

“I know the Torah better than you do,” the man said, coming forward.

Several disciples drew nearer to Jesus, fearing he might be assaulted. “We should stop for the day,” Peter said quietly.

Jesus answered the man in the crowd, “It is the heart which gives faith.”

There was no response.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson



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