Jesus 2

Jesus and several disciples had paused to cook some fish near the lake shoreline. As twilight began to fall, he looked out over the calm water, its gentle lapping of the shore. Swallows swooped and turned, touching the surface.

“The kingdom of heaven is like this,” he said smiling. “It opens its bosom in peace to give us sustenance.” The look upon his face was one of inexpressible quietude.

So affected was John by Jesus’ expression, he did not want to question him. But he had to ask, “Where is this heaven?”

“Don’t you feel it all about?” Jesus asked, looking up in surprise.

“I feel a momentary tranquility,” John conceded, “but there are many changes that will come, and we will know fear and hunger again.”

“Yes you will,” Jesus said, “because you have not looked within. God is closer to you than the beating of your heart.”

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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