“All people are potentially expressions of spirit,” Jesus said as he and several disciples walked past some fishing boats that were drawn up on dry ground. “But they must launch themselves out upon it, or they will lie dry and without use.”

Peter had been observing some fishermen repairing a damaged boat. “But what if a vessel far out upon the water should be caught in a storm?” he asked. “Won’t they be imperiled?”

“There are no guarantees,” Jesus said laconically. He knew Peter was testing him the way he always did, arguing life’s necessities against spiritual ideals. Seeing the look of dissatisfaction in Peter’s face at his response, he let it linger for a moment. Then he asked, “Peter, if you saw two men dying, one full of hope and the other fearful and cringing in a corner, which would you pity most?”

“The second one,” Peter said.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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