The Not So Good Fisherman

Jonathan was not a good fisherman. He was too young to understand the setting of a hook. So when he got a bite, he yanked for all he was worth, and the fish flew over his head and into the forest behind him.

There it lay in the pine litter, absolutely stunned at its roller coaster experience.

Jonathan got up and retrieved the fish. He then re-baited and cast his hook into the water. In time, several more fish took the wild ride.

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s older brother was having no such luck. He had come over to see how his brother was doing and was amazed at the pile of fish. “What did you use for bait?” he asked.


Almost immediately, another fish flew though the air, the amazed brother observing it land in the forest. “Are you fishing or flying a kite?” he asked.

“Whatever works,” Jonathan said.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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