“Maybe I’m just tired and overreacting,” Staci told herself. It was one a.m. and her teenage daughter still wasn’t home. Julie had said she’d be back by midnight. Staci dialed Julie’s cell number, then the number of the friend she was with. No answer. She paced back and forth across the living room. Should she call the police? Two sixteen year old girls at a concert at a casino. Why on earth had she agreed to this?

Twenty minutes later a key rattled in the front door lock. Staci jerked the door open. “Where the hell have you been?” she demanded. The tall young man behind her daughter pulled back sheepishly.

“Mom, this is Andy,” Julie said. “We got a flat in the cell phone dead spot on the interstate, and he stopped to help. He wanted to make sure I got home okay.”

Copyright © 2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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