The Cat and the Mocking Birds

Two mocking birds encountered a cat in a tree. It was where they had planned to build their nest. Mocking birds do not get pushed around easily. But then neither do cats.

The birds flew back and forth, harassing the cat from every limb. They got within a few feet of it. Several times the cat turned back but then thought better of it, hunching close and clinging to its limb.

When away from the tree, the birds set up a considerable chatter from a nearby fence. They angrily picked berries from a nearby bush. They were like the warriors and the dragon, and there was plenty of frustration between them. But even so, they could not dislodge the cat.

The cat had that stubbornness of cats that commands a situation regardless of merit. So the cat won the day. But what was gained by it, no one can say.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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