Spring Morning

At dawn a doe steps into a forest glade, pausing to scent the cool air. She begins browsing twigs along the forest edge, near where her twin fawns lie. A mist flows through the green forest and over the meadow, showing an occasional break of blue.

Birds are singing, but the fawns lie still, concealed beneath a tangle of brush. As the sky begins to clear, the doe returns. The fawns rise unsteadily on newborn legs to nurse. The yearling doe stands in the brush, turning her ears uneasily. The fawns stop nursing, and she leads them into the glade.

By noon she is lying comfortably in the grass beside the trees. The fawns, having gained strength, are gamboling beside her. Yellow, white, and brown patterned butterflies flit about the flowering herbs. An oriole chatters, fussing over its nest. The day having grown warm, it stops once more to sing.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson


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