Mean Girls

Angie was early for her English class that morning. When she walked in, Susan began laughing and exchanging glances with the two girls with her.

“What?” Angie asked, her stomach tightening.

“Where’d you get that skirt?”

Angie’s hear sank. She had liked it so much. “Dillard’s,” she said.

“Off the clearance rack in the old lady section?” Susan asked sarcastically. The other girls snickered.

Angie looked down at the books in her arms. “Forgot my notes,” she mumbled, turning to flee.

Dennis, the school’s star quarterback, was standing in the doorway. He moved aside. “Great skirt,” he said, admiringly. “Lookin’ good!”

She smiled at him through her tears and hurried into the hall. Whether he meant it or not, she didn’t care. She was just grateful that he’d been there and said what he did. She slipped into the girls bathroom to look at herself in the full length mirror.

Copyright © 2013 Loretta Miles Tollefson


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