In a Garden

The flowers in a garden were quite happy. But they had an appetite for wild living. So they invited in a few weed friends.

It was a marvelous experience, cavorting together in the rain and sunshine. They all made the best of it.

But soon more weeds wished to join them, and the flowers let them in. Eventually the weeds came of their own accord.

“Oh, what will we ever do?” the rose asked the day lily. The marigold didn’t care because it was only going to be around for a short season.

The day lily leaned over in its pot and said, “This is why I keep my feet off the ground.”

The rose was alone and very much in despair. It felt violated with its roots in common ground. Some of the weed roots came right up to it, and it couldn’t get enough water.

Copyright 2013 George Lowell Tollefson

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